Weird things my husband says #1

I’ve seen blogs with people drawing cartoons of their married life and I thought I would never be one of these people as our life is mundane… Until I realised my husband Jeff struggles with idioms and that it often makes for hilarious conversations.


Jeff (who has been attempting to grow facial hair): My mate realised I was growing a beard, he asked if I was growing sheep wool!

Me: *stares is disbelief*

Jeff: that’s’ not the right name, is it?

Me: do you mean a GOATEE?!


2 thoughts on “Weird things my husband says #1

  1. Salut à tous les 2! Je suis heureuse d’avoir à nouveau de vos nouvelles. Cela signifie sûrement que vous avez pris vos marques et que votre nouvelle vie s’organise tranquillement. Je vous embrasse et vous dis à très vite!!!!

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