We’re back in England

Our adventure in Hong Kong is officially over and we are now back in the UK.

I have no idea what the future holds so I won’t say we are here for good.


The last month in the Kong was hectic: packing boxes, trying to find somewhere temporary to live in England, visiting family, friends, places I wanted to see…

Departure day came round so fast and in the blink of an eye we were in the airport saying goodbye to loved ones.

Thankfully the flight was direct and perfect – I really recommend Virgin Atlantic. We made our way bleary-eyed from Heathrow to Birmingham while dragging 3 fully packed suitcases and praying that we wouldn’t encounter stairs.

We’ve been here for two weeks now and things are still all over the place.

We are renting a room via Airbnb and living out of our suitcases – while our 8 boxes of belongings wait for us to have an address to be shipped to.


Jeff started work immediately while I take a handful of driving lessons (I’m rusty after being car-less for 6 years) and look for a job.

I can’t wait for us to find our feet… have our own place, a car, jobs… just so we can settle down a bit.

Until then, there may not be any new posts on the blog, unfortunately.




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