Down Under – Melbourne & the Great Ocean Road

One hour flight from Sydney and we were in Melbourne – the final city in Jeff’s student life I had yet to visit!

We strolled around town visiting the landmarks of Jeff’s year in the city. The college where he studied, the State library, Chinatown….

We went to St Kilda pier to see the famous little penguins return to their nests after weeks at sea. Even though a wooden walkway has been built to keep tourists off the beach, people (stupidly) dangle their feet while sitting on the ledge, leaving no space for the penguins to exit the water.

After waiting in the freezing cold at sunset, we saw a penguin stick his head out of the water, take a look at the mass of humans on the beach and swim off. And then another. And another.

I lost it at that point and shouted quite loudly that if people lifted their legs, the penguins would have the space they needed to access their nests – common sense really. Half the people saw the light and stood up.

By then we realised we could distinctively hear the penguins chirping and calling… from the other side of a fence. The smart little things had moved their nests to a side of the breakwater inaccessible to humans!

After a while we did see a handful of penguins waddling around the breakwater, hoping from stone to stone. They are SO tiny, SO cute.


The next day we joined a tour bus and drove down the Great Ocean Road – in miserable weather.

The view is beautiful and I imagine it would be spectacular on a good day. We stopped by the 12 Apostles and Loch Ard Gorge and even saw a double rainbow!

PS: excuse any typos, at time of writing I am in the midst of packing boxes and going crazy.


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