Down Under – Bondi Beach & Blue Mountain

While in Sydney, we obviously stopped by Bondi Beach. Unfortunately, not that many lifeguards are around in winter, so we didn’t witness a live episode of Bondi Rescue.

There were quite a few surfers hitting the waves, even in the cold and rain. I loved seeing the waves crash on Bondi Icebergs Swimming Pool. I can’t believe people actually swim there!

I would have loved to take a stroll along the beach in summer to feel the Bondi vibe…

We continued our promenade with a stroll to Watson’s Bay light house where we, by mistake, tried to enter a restricted army base – and got shouted at by the security guard (typical Jeff stuff).

On the next day we visited Blue Mountain. We took a cable car and the steepest funicular railway in the world!

All passengers were sitting there looking real relaxed while I had the impression I was about the slip off my seat and crash into the front of the carriage…

The railway isn’t scary at all, it just makes you want to grab onto something to make sure you’re not gonna fall off your seat.

Blue Mountain reminded me of the Grand Canyon (not that I’ve ever been). The air was so crisp, we filled up our lungs knowing we wouldn’t get anything like that in the Kong!



PS: by the time this post is on the blog we will have moved back to the UK….


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