Tsz Shan Monastery in Tai Po

Whilst riding our bikes along Tai Mei Tuk reservoir, we saw this huge white statue at the foot of the hills in the distance. I knew I had to visit.

The statue belongs to Tsz Shan Monastery, a Buddhist temple funded by Li Ka Shing the second richest man in Asia – and the richest in Hong Kong.

After putting it off for months I finally managed to visit the monastery with one of my good friends.


The temple is in a remote location in the countryside and getting there is a tad difficult, but nothing terrible.

The location is very peaceful with views of the Tolo Harbour to one side, and big green rolling hills to the other.

The temple has 3 halls and the big statue of Guanyin so doesn’t take long to visit.  There is a zen calligraphy workshop which is quite long – as long as the visit itself!

I think it is a nice place to visit but not a must see in Hong Kong.


A few points to note:

  • Advance bookings required
  • The easiest way to go is to take the MTR to Tai Po Market and then Minibus 20B. Alight at Universal gate road and walk to the monastery.
  • Make sure to wear long trousers and sleeved tops





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