Down Under – Port Stephens

On our second day in Australia we joined a bus tour to Port Stephens, 200km north of Sydney.
The first thing we did was hop into a 4×4 mini bus, bobbed up and down for 5 minutes until we reached the sand dune surfing spot.
I was incredibly fun and I kinda felt like Calvin and Hobbs going down the dune at top speed.


We next went on a 2 hour dolphin watching cruise. I’m not good with boats, but since we were staying in the harbour I thought I would be fine.
We managed to see a handful of dolphins swimming along next to the boat, but I didn’t snap any pictures. The boat was stable most of the time and I felt okay, except for the 5 minutes were we sailed past the mouth of the harbour – I was not feeling good at all!

Once the cruise was over (much to my relief) we drove to a vineyard for a small tasting session. We found plenty of locals enjoying a glass in the sun with the live band strumming away. What a nice Saturday they spent!


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