Down Under – Sydney

Visiting Australia has always been on my bucket list, but I never thought I’d make it.

It’s so far from Europe and quite expensive too. Obviously, it’s much closer to Hong Kong but it’s still far – 9 hours flight!

Since we are returning to England at the end of July we wanted to go on a last holiday and decided to go all out and chose Australia.

It was the perfect pick: it was on my bucket list and I’d get to see where Jeff studied in Melbourne.


Sydney from the plane

Jeff is not one for wasting time and as soon as we had dropped off our suitcases, he started showing us Sydney – even though we’d just stepped off a red eye flight!


We first walked around the Queen Victoria Building, a 19th century marketplace now used as a shopping centre. It has two big clocks with moving figures and scenes, as well as beautiful stained glass windows.

Apparently there’s even a sealed letter written by Elizabeth II in 1986 that nobody has read and is due to be opened by the Mayor of Sydney in 2085!


We then walked around The Rocks, a touristy area full of restaurants from which one can see both the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera house. We saw the sun set behind the bridge, got up close with the Opera House and even witnessed a big P&O cruise ship set off from the harbour.


We headed to Darling Harbour for dinner and had some yummy grilled meat – though nobody tried the kangaroo steak on offer.

By that point our feet were starting to ache so we went back the hotel for a well-deserved shower and good night’s sleep.





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