Fun activity in Hong Kong: Chinese Dessert Cooking Class

I’ve wanted to take some Chinese cooking classes for a while but never got round to it.

Since I’ve got plenty of free time recently, I thought it would be the perfect time. After browsing various websites, I realised that English speaking classes in Hong Kong are on the pricey side (no surprise), so I decided to start with only one workshop.

I chose the Towngas cooking center, as it has plenty of interesting classes designed for leisure (no need to enrol in some kind of training program) and offers workshops in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

I absolutely love Hong Kong style desserts so when I saw a class was coming up I enrolled in a heartbeat!

The three hour workshop taught us to make 3 dishes:

  • coconut noodles in mango soup with sago
  • mango rice rolls
  • mango ice cream (teacher demo only)


Each workstation was already prepared with utensils and ingredients set out and weighed for us. We were each given printed copies of the recipes, in Chinese and English. Once everyone had put their belongings in the cupboard we were called to the front of the room were the demo station is.


The teacher demonstrated each task and then sent us to do it ourselves at our station.

Each time a step was completed, we were called back to the demo table for the next task.

Once the teacher had finished the demonstration desserts, we were all invited to taste them.


Joanne, the teacher spoke very good English and made sure everyone had understood the steps. She also walked around the workstations in case we had questions. Kinda felt like I was in Master Chef!


Most of the attendees were middle aged local housewives, who seemed to be regulars. They were quite competitive, completing tasks before the teacher had instructed us to do so, peering over their neighbours shoulders and calling after the instructor “Missy! Missy!”!


The desserts were easier to make than I thought they would be and I’m glad I learnt how to make these iconic HK desserts… I feel I learnt to “make” a bit of the local culture.

I recommend the Towngas cooking Center, they have plenty of adult & children, Chinese and Western cuisine workshops and the teacher was good. I recommend taking a class if you want to experience the local cuisine in a hands on way.




  • Bring 2 or 3 Tupperware boxes with you to take your creations home
  • Bring a sheet of paper & a pen to take notes
  • Bring your own apron



Towngas cooking center

9F Lee theatre

Causeway Bay

Cost: 450HKD

Course: Sweet Delicacies – Sweet Mango Rice Rolls










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