Ma Wan Island: Noah’s Ark & Tsing Ma Bridge

Ma Wan, a.k.a Park Island is a small island in western Hong Kong. It often goes unnoticed as it’s nestled between the touristy Lantau Island and Kowloon peninsula. Being under the massive Tsing Ma Bridge doesn’t help with exposure either.

Jeff has regularly mentioned this island and its supposed superior quality of life (private cars are banned), so we decided to take a look.
The first thing I noticed as the double decker bus crossed the Tsing Ma Bridge, was how close Ma Wan Island is to the airport. In fact, the island is just underneath the landing path! The planes glide right over the residential buildings, making the gentle hum of their engines resonate approx. once every 1 to 3 minutes (it’s that frequent).

We first visited the theme park centred around Noah’s Ark, nature and climate change.
It features a full-size replica of the ark, indoor expositions and a park. The whole attraction is mildly interesting, the garden features life-size animal sculptures, while the expo regularly plays 3D movies about the construction of the ark, climate change and the future of planet earth.

We then walked around the abandoned Ma Wan Village and to my surprise; quite a few other people were visiting too!
When the new estate was being built, residents were evicted from the village and relocated to newer properties in the northern part of the island. It has since been left to decay.

As the sun set, we had a nice German dinner by the beach and then took photos of the Tsing Ma Bridge.
It is the world’s ninth longest suspension bridge and links Lantau Island and the peninsula.
The bridge, which carries both road and rail transport, is the only link between the airport and the rest of Hong Kong. When a barge slammed into it towards the end of 2015, access to the airport was cut-off for a few hours, which caused the government to consider building a tunnel as a secondary transport link.



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