Lam Tsuen Well Wishing Festival

The Chinese New Year celebrations feature several festivals, such as the lion dance, lantern carnival and flower markets.

Additionally, villages all over Hong Kong have their own traditions and Lam Tsuen in the New Territories is particularly popular.

The well-wishing festival is famous for its wishing trees and Tin hau Temple.

People have been tying joss paper wishes to oranges and throwing them on the branches for decades and it is believed the higher the wish lands, the more likely the wish will come true.


Unfortunately, the two trees have collapse from the weight of the wishes and have now been replaced by plastic trees and oranges.

Festivities include a parade, food stalls, a lantern release and huge traffic jams.


Crowds gather and the whole festival transforms into mayhem as plastic oranges go flying left, right and centre, regularly hitting people on the head.


Colourful, interesting, worth-it, but best to go the week after the New Year Bank holiday to avoid the masses.


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