1960s Hong Kong style food court – TBG Mall

We recently made a small yet cute discovery.


While walking around TBG Mall in Kowloon Bay, we stumbled upon a newly opened retro food court designed to look like 1960s Hong Kong.

The food court features traditional Hong Kong style street food, such as cheese noodles, spicy noodles, grilled meat skewers, bubble tea and egg bubble waffle.


The corridor is filled with quaint green metallic gates behind which hide small stalls selling traditional candy, handmade soap and various bits and bobs.

The walls are lined with Mahjong tiles, abacuses, old movie posters and the food court features old style wooden shop fronts & signs.

According to my mother in law it is designed to look like the Dai Pai Dong (open-air food stalls) and Cha Chan Teng (HK Style cafés) that used to line the streets of Lower Ngau Tau Kok estate, demolished in 2010.


I’m really glad we discovered this little gem; I find Hong Kong doesn’t keep enough of its cultural monuments/buildings in the name of modernization. I simply love this kind of place that makes a point to remember the past, just like the Starbucks on Duddell Street.




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