Hiking in Lion Rock Country Park & Amah Rock

The weather has generally been chilly and cloudy for the past month, so when the sun broke out for a weekend we put our hiking shoes on and headed Lion Rock country park for a hike.

The country park is named after a rock resembling a crouching lion and I’ve always wanted to hike up to see the views of Kowloon.

Unfortunately, we were tight on time so didn’t make it to the Lion but instead went to Amah rock.

The legend says a fisherman’s wife walked up the mountain daily, her son on her back, to lookout for the return of her husband, not knowing he had drowned at sea. In reward for her faithfulness she was turned into a rock by the Goddess of the Sea.

The hike is nice with panoramic views of Sha Tin and even a tribe of wild monkeys stealing food from barbecue pits. It’s also relatively short (2.5 hours) but requires walking up a fair amount of steps!





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