5 Types of people on the MTR

The Mass Transit Railway (MTR) is the most convenient mode of transport in Hong Kong, even though it doesn’t cover the whole city.

Just like every big city’s public transport, you’re bound to come across certain behaviours regularly, but I’ve found some of them are specific to Hong Kong….


Pole occupier

This person is resting their entire body on the pole. Head, shoulders, back and bottom… so that nobody else can grip said pole, even though it’s rush hour.

I personally wedge my fingers between their back to be able to grab the pole. That’s usually enough to get them to move. If not, Jeff will give them the death stare until they become scared and change carriage.


Furious Gamer

A long working day is over and folks need to wind down. Since smartphones are so popular here it is very common to see women/young men/older men furiously thumbing away at their phones at some kind of game that involves neon colours and loud music.



In the city that never stops, people try to save time as much as possible. It’s common to see ladies putting on their make-up while sitting on the MTR…from foundation to drawing their eyebrows and eye shadow… the whole shebang. We also get the opportunity to see old people cutting their nails while riding the metro, although I personally prefer it when the cleaning lady does it at work.


Pressed for time

I’ve said this several times, Hong Kongers are extremely slow walkers. The only time they speed up – dare I say even break into a run – is in the corridor at North Point station or when fighting for seats in the carriage.


The transporter

Most people do not own cars in HK, so when people need to move stuff around, they do it via public transport.

TVs, 20 tubs of baby powder, (dead) chickens…. We could make a movie out of it.



Has any behaviour on the MTR struck you? Let me know in the comments below!


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