Glassy Avenue at Starlight Garden

What a snazzy name (a bit Konglish if you ask me)!


I bought myself (another) camera lens recently and when a photography meet-up event popped up, I thought it would be a great occasion to try out my new toy and possibly make new friends.


The terrace is decorated with handmade glass flowers, balls and decorations that transform it into a glass avenue & a LED starlit garden.

We got there while it was still day time, managed to beat the crowds and get photos of the decorations lit by natural light.

We thought arriving before dark was pointless but it turned out to be a great idea because the lighting for the flowers was faulty and the flowers remained turned off even after nightfall!

Had we not arrived early, we wouldn’t have got any pictures of them.


It was a nice little outing and it was fun to see things we usually wouldn’t be too interested in (glass sculptures for instance).



The starlight garden is located on the 7th Floor terrace of the New Town Plaza Shopping Center in Sha Tin… it has already ended for this year.


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