New Year Night Hike


This year we decided to celebrate the New Year in a different way.

We joined a group of 10 friends, wrapped ourselves up, took our flashlights and hiked-up the Ma On Shan country trail in the middle of the night so we could see the first sunrise of the year.

We thought doing a night hike would be a fun adventure and felt that going in a big group made it safer and less scary.

Also Jeff and I had already done this hike in daytime, so we knew it wouldn’t be of extreme difficulty.


To our surprise, there were many groups hiking up the trail! It made the whole thing more fun because everyone was so jolly.

The hike up is mainly stony stairs and it took us a good 2 hours to get to the top, since we were all fairly slow in the dark.

Once we arrived at the top we were startled by a buffalo mooing eerily in the dark and then surprised by a sea of tents. We didn’t expect the mountain top to transform into a campsite on New Year’s night. People had brought music instruments, games, camping gas… a right party!

The sun rose at 6:30am and we got a beautiful orange/purple sun rise, slightly spoiled by the layer of smog that constantly lies over Hong Kong’s horizon. A group of paragliders decided to fly for the first dawn with the crowd of hikers cheering them on.

We were then greeted by a heard of wild buffalos rummaging through the camp, licking pans and seeming very happy to have so many visitors.


The hike down was so fast and easy compared to the way up, but by the time we hopped into a taxi we all felt shattered and well ready for a nap!


Happy New Year everyone~~!!




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