Hong Kong (cheaper) outdoor wedding venue ideas

I recently got married and while I wasn’t planning to blog about it, there are a few things I wished I had known before I started planning.

There are some things we expats don’t know about getting married in Hong Kong and that leads to a few surprises along the way.

Today I’ll talk about wedding venues in Hong Kong!


Traditionally, Hong Kong people hold their wedding banquets in hotels and a vast majority of couples still do so now.

Coming from France, this was simply not imaginable for me. Back home even the most budget aware couples host their receptions in beautiful locations, be it someone’s back garden, a converted barn or a restaurant in the middle of vineyards.

Both Jeff and I knew from the start we didn’t want to get married in a closed room, with no view and the same rundown as everybody else in the country. We also didn’t want to empty our savings for a one day event… Every internet search returned results for posh restaurants we couldn’t afford, so I did some digging.

Hong Kong doesn’t have any converted barns or vineyards, but it has plenty to offer: beaches, islands, forests… see the list below!

On a budget

Eden Glass Chapel – Kowloon Tong

A gorgeous chapel made from glass for your ceremony? Looks like something out of a Korean drama! The courtyard in front of the chapel will be used to take photos & as the cocktail area. There is an adjacent banquet hall if you want to have some food too.

Lake Egret – Tai Po

Situated on the shores of a lake in the New Territories, this nature park offers an outdoor ceremony and the possibility to have an indoors lunch buffet or banquet. They have various dedicated areas throughout the park for weddings: lake side garden, lake terrace, restaurant…

One of my friends had his ceremony & cocktails there; he told me the location was nice but the quantity of finger food provided was a bit on the small size.

His thoughts: good location for a cheap solution but don’t expect it to blow your mind.


A bit more money to spend but not breaking the bank

Kau Sai Chau Golf Club (The Jockey Club) – an island off Sai Kung:

Wedding banquet Kau Sai Chau Golf Club
View from banquet hall – Kau Sai Chau Golf Club

Located on Kau Sai Chau Island, 20 mins ferry away from Sai Kung, the golf club offers several choices. The ceremony is outdoors on the law followed by cocktails & cake. They also offer packages that add a lunch or dinner buffet.

This is where we got married so I can give a “proper” review.

The views are beautiful, so I recommend having just the cocktails or the lunch. A dinner reception will be pointless as the night will hide the view.

The package is quite comprehensive and includes coach & ferry to transport guests, civil celebrant, photographer & videographer. Quite a few things can be added if you want to jazz things up. The cost is comparatively low because the venue belongs to the government (The Jockey club).

All our guests loved our wedding, the location, the food, the view from the reception hall…

My thoughts: great for a fairly priced venue. You can keep it very simple or make it a bit snazzier.

Tai O Heritage Hotel – Tai O

Built in 1902 on a small hill as a Police Station and converted to a small boutique hotel in 2009, this venue is unique. The restaurant is inside a beautiful glass veranda. Minimum 50 guests, maximum 70 guests.

Beas River Country Club (The Jockey Club) – Sheung Shui/Fanling

The country club has two options (the croquet lawn or the arena room) and three packages (cocktail, lunch, dinner). Once again the ceremony is outdoors on the law but it seems it isn’t included in the price.

There is a minimum of 100 guests and it is possible to add extras like a horse cart and a wedding ceremony.


Sky’s the limit

One thirty one – Sai Kung

A 3 storey house in the middle of Sai Kung, with its own yacht pier, serving Mediterranean food. The restaurant and its garden can be exclusively booked for a wedding.

Maximum 80 guests. They can cater the food for up to 34 people, if you have more guests you need to book a separate caterer. You need to arrange the ceremony & civil celebrant yourself.

  • Venue: http://www.one-thirtyone.com/
  • Price (2015): minimum spend of 80 000HKD for booking the whole venue on a weekend. If you have more than 34 guests and need a caterer, the 80 000HKD can be spent on drinks, wine…



If you are looking for a budget friendly, outdoor or unique wedding venue in Hong Kong, I hope this list helps!




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