Hairdresser for curly hair – O2 Hair studio

A while back, I wrote a review on Tommy Hair Design as a hairdresser for curly hair.

The cut was alright, but nothing special at all, so when I was recommended Lorraine at The O2 hair studio I decided to give it a try.

The hair salon is in Lang Kwai Fong and has the price tag that goes with it but after 2 years without a decent cut I really needed it.

Lorraine gave me by far the best hair cut I’ve had in Hong Kong, she even asked me how I usually work with my hair and followed my advice which is very rare for a hairdresser!

Back in Europe I used to get my hair cut dry, a specific method for curly hair. The 02 hair studio doesn’t follow this method (and I haven’t heard of anywhere that does in HK) but the cut was still fine.


If there are any curly hair people in HK struggling to find a hairdresser, I hope this post helps.

Please note that as of 2015 Lorraine no longer resides in Hong Kong but returns every 4 months for a 2 week period at the 02 Hair studio.

I’ve also heard David who works there permanently is good with curls.
G/F 38 Wyndham Street Central
Tel: 25222884
Hairstylist: Lorraine McLelland or David McIntyre



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