Last day amongst the Karst Mountains

For our last morning in the area we hopped on bikes to get a last sight of the scenery.
We first sopped at a lotus flower field to take photos of the pink flowers.
The fields have become a bit of an attraction with farmers charging a small fee to allow tourists to take pictures.

We then stopped at the great banyan tree. The tree is 7 meters wide and 15 meters high, but it was completely pointless stopping and paying to see it. It is after all a (big) tree that the locals have hyped up to make some money.
We continued our bike ride past a “butterfly cave”, one of my friends had warned me that the cave only had concrete butterflies so it was best to ignore it.
Instead we decided to visit the “cave where the Dragons’ meet”. The cave was beautiful with lakes, boats and many rock formations… greatly enhanced buy colored lights.


This little holiday was nice, even though it was damp and absolutely NOT restful.
To anyone planning on going I would say: try your best to not fall into any tourist traps!



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