Photos – Kennedy Town to Sheung Wan

I’ve been trying to practice the few things I learnt about photography.

It’s not easy but hopefully it will all come together with some practice. We registered with the Central Library and borrowed a few books to try and learn more.


We aren’t too familiar with the Western part of Hong Kong Island so we decided to discover Kennedy Town. Not sure if we missed something but we only found residential areas with nobody around. We didn’t want to go home until we got a least a few shots so we decided to walk to Sheung Wan.

There were a few good opportunities but I am slow at setting up my camera and Jeff said I was being rude trying to photograph people, so I missed them.

In my defence I was far away with a zoom!


After seeing the shots taken by pros and semi-pros, I can’t help but think that mine are pretty crappy. But I am learning and that’s a good start!

We may have to get another camera for Jeff because he just walks alongside me (poor thing) and gets all up in my business trying to change my settings.



2 thoughts on “Photos – Kennedy Town to Sheung Wan

  1. They are great, you catch the human spirit of HK. Take turns to take pix (withJeff). Ask people if they mind their photos being taken

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