Real Hong Kong: Tai Long Wan Bay

Tai Long Wan Bay is renown in Hong Kong for its beauty. The bay has four beaches and they are considered the most beautiful in the country.

  • Sai Wan
  • Ham Tin Wan (20 mins difficult hike from Sai Wan)
  • Tai Wan
  • Tung Wan

The area is very remote and it’s a right hassle to get there… this means it isn’t crowded like all the other beaches in the country.


I kept hearing about Tai Long Wan but the inconvenience of getting there put me off for a long time.


We finally decided to risk the adventure and I don’t regret it!

We hiked to get there and it was a right killer in the heat, so we got the speedboat for the way back.

The beach has quite big waves and it was fun to play around in them.


I am glad we finally went; it really is beautiful and peaceful. However, I don’t think I will go there regularly at all… it’s just too complicated.



Additional info:

  • Sai Wan has several restaurants that will also rent out parasols and surfing stuff
  • Ham Tin Wan has a restaurant that will rent out parasols
  • Speedboats to Sai Kung can be booked at said restaurants but make sure to book early because they sell out fast.
  • Tung Wan is rumoured to be popular with naturists



By bus:

Once you are in Sai Kung Town take the 29R village bus (stop is just in front of the Wellcome supermarket) to Sai Wan Pavilion. Then hike 30 mins to Sai Wan. The village bus isn’t regular and stops early, here is the timetable. Be warned: the hike isn’t the easiest and there isn’t a lot of shade, but it’s only 30mins.

By Speedboat: water taxis are available from Wong Shek Pier and Sai Kung town. The ride costs $150 (one way) and lasts 30mins at top speed.

We witnessed a helicopter drop  people off but have no clue how that works!




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