Sunset in Ma On Shan and learning the basics of photography

We started our Saturday by watching the Minion movie at an early screening because all other timeslots where fully booked.

Movies don’t show for very long in Hong Kong and popular English movies in the original language sell out very quickly.


We then bought a book about the basics of digital photography and decided to practice the few things I had learnt in Ma On Shan.

Ma On Shan is a town in the new territories that has a very relaxing atmosphere. It’s filled with families enjoying the weekend on the water front.


We quickly realised that quite a few people with professional photography gear were setting up to take photos of the sunset, so we decided to do the same. It was a hazy day and the grey layer is really visible in the pictures… I wonder if there’s a way to get rid of that apart from post-processing.

Below are the non-edited photos I took in fully manual mode. I made several mistakes but this little practice session really helped me understand what I read in the book!



3 thoughts on “Sunset in Ma On Shan and learning the basics of photography

    1. Yep! It’s close to the place where we picked up the bikes.
      That’s because we didn’t go to the Thai restaurant, we ended up in classified for burgers, didn’t we?

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