Time-lapse – our first try

I’ve wanted to do time-lapses of Hong Kong for a while now and we’ve finally got round to it!

Our camera has a time-lapse feature; however it only works on the manual mode…which I don’t know how to use. Jeff has tried to explain aperture and other stuff but I don’t really get it.


So we worked as a team: I suggested locations, found the shooting angle and set-up the time-lapse while Jeff did the manual settings.

The result was ok by night, but day light and a cloudy sky revealed our lack of knowledge.

We learnt quite a few things with our first trials, mainly that it’s not as easy as it seems.

I really enjoy doing time-lapses and scouting for locations, it’s also a great opportunity to (finally) learn the basics of photography.

Here are our first videos, please be forgiving because we have no idea what we are doing!





4 thoughts on “Time-lapse – our first try

    1. Yep! We did a first try and the settings on the camera where fine but the angle was wrong. So the star ferry got cut of as it parked.

      We tried again but it’s too blue and the ferry didn’t move around as much as the first time.

      We’ll try again with nicer weather!

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