Hong Kong Rain

Rain season has clearly kicked off with amber and red rainstorm warnings hoisted several times in the past week.

When I mention to people in Europe we are having bad weather, I think they can’t really envision what this means.

Hong Kong has 3 levels of warning for rainstorms: amber, red and black.

For those who’d like to visualise what a rainstorm in HK is like, please check out this video.


It took me several downpours, soaked feet and ruined shoes before I had the proper gear to brave Hong Kong rain. So here are my recommendations!


  • Plastic shoes:

Everyday shoes will get soaked and it’s never pleasant to spend the day with wet socks, so plastic shoes are the only solution!

Flip flops are no good because feet will slip, slide and end up covered in dirty.

Plastic boots aren’t suitable either since the weather is so hot.


For women, I recommend plastic shoes like Melissa shoes (cheaper alternatives can be found in Argyle centre, Mong Kok).

For men, Crocs now do plastic shoes with decent designs (such as boat shoes).


  • Clothes:

When it pours it’ best to wear skirts or shorts as trouser bottoms always get soaked.


  • Umbrella:

It’s time to bring out the BIG umbrellas! Mini umbrellas simply won’t be strong and wide enough to cope with the wind and rain.


If it’s a work day, it’s a good idea to bring office shoes and trousers in a waterproof bag. That way there’s no need to walk around in rain gear all day!




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