Taiwan Holidays – Sun Moon Lake

The drive down from Alishan Mountain was scary: the dense clouds and thick rain meant we couldn’t see the car in front. Thankfully the mini bus driver was going very slowly and we made it to the bottom in one piece.

We arrived at the Sun Moon Lake early evening and since the weather was still terrible we decided to go for some relaxing hot springs.

The next day, we woke up fairly early and rented bikes to cycle round the lake. The weather had completely changed and it was very hot and sunny. By 10:30am the cycling path was getting quite crowded so we dropped off our bikes and hopped onto the ferries that go to various locations around the lake.

We stopped for a delicious aboriginal lunch at Ita Thao village and then went to the butterfly garden to snap a few pictures. Once we were satisfied with our photos, it was time to leave Sun Moon Lake and Taiwan to come back home to Hong Kong.

To finish this mini Taiwan series, I would like to say: Taiwan is close to Hong Kong, fairly cheap, full of delicious foods and beautiful sceneries. Definitely a must visit!



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