Taiwan Holidays – Alishan Mountain

After our very quick visit of Shifen & Juifen we headed to the centre of Taiwan to the beautiful Alishan Mountain.

The mountain’s average height is 2500m, so reaching the scenic area designed for tourists requires a long, bendy bus ride.


With only 2 days in the area we tried to see as much as we could and started with a small hike in the forest, it was peaceful and nice to walk in the dense forest.

We did encounter one tourist who pulled down her trousers to answer the call of nature in a public space and a few group tours but in such a fast area it wasn’t muc of an issue.

Once night fell, we took the minibus provided by our hotel to go see the fireflies. We had lots of fun trying to catch them and attempting to get pictures of them, but without a tripod we had no chance!

The next morning we woke up before 4am and took the Alishan forest train to see the sun rise. The train is so cute and fun, but the tracks regularly get damaged due to bad weather, so it isn’t always running.

Since we’d woken up so early we went back for a nap but once we woke up the weather had turned bad. Being at a high altitude we were completely surrounded by clouds, visibility was under 10 meters and torrential rain was pouring from the sky.

We decided it was time to back our bags and move to our next destination…







5 thoughts on “Taiwan Holidays – Alishan Mountain

      1. Well. I spend 2 days and a night there but unfortunately I was not able to see the sunrise that early morning. It was raining and damn cold; 3C. Anyway, do look out for it in my blog but it will not be that soon as I am running a series on my USA trip now. Do drop in my blog to find out more about my e-travel.=)

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