Taiwan Holidays – Shifen & Jiufen

After a busy April we flew to Taiwan for a short break. Except with Jeff holidays are never really restful…
We spend a fair bit of this trip in transport and so only visited a couple of spots.

Shifen is a little town to the east of Taipei, famous for its dainty little train, flying lanterns and waterfall.

Once we arrived I became impatient to write wishes all over a lantern and send it off, so we started with that. They come in various colours, each representing a theme like wealth or relationships and are enormous in size.
We had fun scribbling all over ours, like two little kids competing for the best drawing!

Every year during the Sky Lantern festival people travel to Shifen to release their lanterns into the night sky, filling it with lanterns. It must be amazing to be there on that evening!

Once we had lost sight of our lantern we walked to the waterfall, browsed little shops and took the opportunity to stock up on ginger tea.

We hopped back onto the train and bus to get to Jiufen, a town on a hillside by the coast, famous for its sunset.

We arrived at 3 pm, way too early for a beautiful view of the setting sun, so decided to walk around the town. We were quite disappointed: the streets were filled with tourists and souvenir shops.
As Jeff wasn’t satisfied with the number of activities, we went back to Taipei were we rode the Maokong cable car to Whenshan.
Whenshan is a mountain renowned for its tea plantations and tea houses. If it hadn’t been dinner time and pitch dark, I would have gladly walked all the way back down to enjoy the nice view and plantations!


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