Nanjing (Xmas hols days 5 & 6)

After Suzhou we continued our exploration in the town of Nanjing. Nanjing is a bit special because it was the capital of China for several dynasties.

This historical centre is surrounded by a wall, so we took a nice walk along it and took at look at one of the doors of the wall, the Zhongha Gate.

We then strolled around Laomendong ancient village and visited its Confucious Temple. This was one of my favourite places in the whole trip. The village has been restored so it is clean, well kept and blends history and modernity in a nice way.

Laomendong is where we spend the countdown for the New Year. The place wasn’t too crowded and everyone counted into 2015 together. However, since this celebration is more of a Western tradition, everybody immediately departed after the countdown!

On the Next day we visited the The Presidential Palace, which used to be the offices of Sun Yat Sen, the Provisional President of the Republic of China before they relocated to Taiwan. Jeff got all excited because Sun Yat Sen is quite respected in China/HK as he is considered as the originator of modern China.

We also visited the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall which was built in remembrance of the 300 000 victims who were killed by the Japanese in 1937. I had never heard of this invasion, so I learnt that the Japanese army invaded the then capital city and mass murdered/raped the local population during a 6 week period. To this day, the Chinese still deeply mistrust and despise the Japanese who have been reluctant to apologise for the massacre.

To end our trip, we walked around the Xuanwu Lake and enjoyed the sunset. It was cold and the walk was way longer than expected but it was a nice final touch to this long holiday!





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