Suzhou (Xmas Hols day 4)

We jumped on the high speed rail from Shanghai and headed 80 km inland to Suzhou.

After dropping off our suitcases at the hotel we tried to get a taxi to the Humble Administrator’s Garden. There were no taxis around so we got on a rickshaw. We know china is full of scams but we took it anyway…we paid more than the taxi ride would have been, but at 20RMB it didn’t really matter.

Cycling through the city I started to realise that Suzhou city centre doesn’t look anything like the ancient town photos found on TripAdvisor, but really is a bit of a dump.

The Humble Administrator’s Garden was nice and lived up to the photos I had seen on the interwebs. The garden is a UNESCO World heritage and is a traditional Chinese style garden, with ponds, pavilions and bridges. Quite relaxing until we stumbled unto fellow Frenchmen (they are absolutely everywhere and I can’t seem to escape them).

We then strolled down the 800 year old Pingjiang Road and its canal.
At night we visited Shantang Street, which is famous for its water canal, bridges and lanterns (water villages are a recurrent them in this trip :D). We got some amazing night shots of this ancient street.


Suzhou was my least favourite part of the trip and I recommend skipping the city centre and only visiting the ancient attractions!


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