Out of sight, Out of mind.

When I told my friends in England I’d be moving to Hong Kong, many of them said something along the lines of  “we can keep in touch easily with today’s technology”.

And in all honesty it is easy to keep in touch.

Many of us have smartphones and/or computers with Skype, instant messaging and emails at the tip of our fingers. But I have found there are three categories of people and what differentiates them is not access to technology, but willpower.

Category one: will stay in touch and contact you on their own initiative.

This person often wasn’t a very close friend back home. But will touch base from time to time to see how everything is going. A quick email or text a few times a year.

Category two: will not contact you but will reply to you when you contact them.

Usually a close friend who has kinda forgotten about you but is always glad to hear from you and see you when you go home… as long as you are the one reaching out or organising it all.

Category three: will not keep in touch.

Often this person was in fact quite close to you… but they will not get in touch to see what you are up to. After 3 months of you being away, they will stop replying to any emails or messages you send.

Bonus category: contacts you and replies to you.

There are only a few of these people and you talk to them even more often than you talk to your parents.

Now, I am not a sentimental person, I’ve not really had any issues moving countries twice and leaving friends/family behind.

I just find it funny that the people who claimed they would miss me terribly can’t even be bothered to reply to the last 3 messages I sent them.


7 thoughts on “Out of sight, Out of mind.

  1. You can probably also categories friends by how long it takes them to respond to an email… I sent a happy New Year greeting to a school friend of mine and she took two months to reply. I guess I am not high on her friends list anymore!!!

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