Still Shanghai (Xmas Hols Day 3)

I need to speed it up, it’s pretty much February and I’m still talking about Xmas ….

I’m struggling to write about these holidays because they seem so far away!


So on Day 3 we went to see Xujiahui Cathedral which is the biggest Cathedral in Shanghai. I’d never paid attention to the presence (or lack of) churches in China but it is only normal there aren’t many since religion is regulated.

We then had lunch at Din Tai Fung, a famous restaurant for pork steamed buns (xiao long bao). I don’t know if our expectations were to high but we found most of the food to be okay instead of mind blowing, plus we were still hungry afterwards.

We followed lunch with a visit at the Shanghai Art Museum to see the digital version of the famous painting “Along the river during Qingming festival”. The original painting dates from the Song Dynasty (1085-1145) and show life in the capital.

The digital version is animated and really huge. It was fun to follow all the little characters walking around and seeing the changes between daytime and nigh time.


To end the day we visited Xintiandi, a pedestrian Shikumen (stone town house) area with many restaurants and unique shops. I loved it there! If I were to live in Shanghai I’d hang around there quite a lot.








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