Real Hong Kong: the ‘old’

I feel I have only shown very few aspects of Hong Kong on my blog. I mean, I have posted many photos of sunsets, sea and islands but these only depict the nature side of this country.

I told Jeff I to wanted show as many aspects of HK as possible: nature, city, rich, poor, local, expat…

So I requested he take me on a photo day trip to see ‘old’ Hong Kong.

We walked from central to Kennedy Town, through places Jeff had never seen himself, far from luxury jewellery shops, 10 story shopping centres and brand new skyscrapers. It felt like a Wong Kar Wai movie.

This city is so quirky, juxtaposing new with old. Modern with traditional. Wealthy and poor.


I really enjoyed this little tour! And I am very pleased with a few of these photos, so click to see them full size and full glory!




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