Japan Holiday – Kyoto, Kimonos and Togetsukyo Bridge

On the second day we headed to Kyoto.

Unfortunately, only one single monument visit was scheduled along with a bit of free time.

Kyoto has many traditional things to see and I believe we missed out on 2 of the best monuments in the whole Osaka area… This was to be expected, as group tours always omit some nice things.


The monument we visited in Kyoto was Kiyomizu-dera, a UNESCO World Heritage listed Buddhist temple built in the 1600s.

We were there on national school field trip day, so the place was packed with school kids in uniforms and young girls in their Kimonos for their graduation ceremony.

We saw a couple of interesting things in the temple:

The niomon (gate at the entrance)

The main hall (apparently not a single nail is used in the structure)






The pagoda (from afar because the access was blocked off for renovation)










A love shrine with its Torii gate (the π shaped gate)

Otowa-no-taki, the water that brings success and health











After that, Jeff and I zoomed off to walk around the nearby streets and that was the best idea we had for the whole trip.

We discovered streets lined with traditional wooden houses (called Machiya I believe), and even bumped into a Geisha. Yes, Geishas still exist and the Geishas from Kyoto are called Geiko.

There is a district in Kyoto, Gion, which is one of the most well-known Geisha districts in Japan. Would have loved to visit Gion, the Geishas are so mesmerizing to watch!










After that we witness a quick kimono show, so we could admire the different styles and types. Most modern women will only wear kimonos for special events, such as Coming of Age Day or traditional weddings.


Next stop was the Togetsukyo Bridge for a bit of a panoramic view, and then we went back to the hotel for another hot spring session.



3 thoughts on “Japan Holiday – Kyoto, Kimonos and Togetsukyo Bridge

  1. That gate is very red – go easy on the ‘pop art’! I thought the water of success was Perrier!? ;D Some very nice looking stuff in there – lucky you!

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