Japan Holiday – Osaka Castle & Nagahama hot springs

We had a two day bank holiday last week, so we took the opportunity to go on holiday to Japan for 5 days. A little family trip ya know.

Holidays are awesome (Jeff’s dad pronounces it “a-wee-some”), going back to work however is… shittysome…


Anyway, we left home at 4am on Thursday and took the plane to Osaka at 8am.

The flight is approx 3 hours 30, so it’s fairly close to Hong Kong.

The weather was pretty grim when we landed, but we were armed with the nifty new camera and all its picture enhancing effects !


We didn’t do much on the first afternoon, which was great because getting up before 4am and enduring a flight just wiped me out.

We visited Osaka Castle, stuffed ourselves with macha cream tea ice cream and takoyaki.

Japan is full of street food and Takoyaki is one of the various snacks sold in little stalls. They’re basically ball shaped dumplings, filled with minced octopus and some sort of cream


After that we headed back to the hotel and we were happy to see our room had a tatami floor and futon beds, we also had to follow the customs and remove our shoes before walking on the tatami.

We had a homemade style dinner and I was surprised to see that the food is very different to what is sold in Japanese restaurants: the meal consisted of several very small and fairly bland dishes. However, in the west miso soup usually tastes of nothing but it was so tasty here!


Japan is famous for its natural hot springs (called onsen) and our hotel had some!

Ladies and gents are separate but one must not be afraid of being naked around others (I’ll probably write a separate post just on hot springs and how they work).

This hot spring had one indoor and one outdoor pool and it was very relaxing to be in the 44ºC water whilst rain was pattering around me.

I do not have photos of the hot spring for obvious reasons, so will get some of the interwebs.


Ps: all photos with a very dramatic black sky are taken by Jeff, pretty much everything else is taken by me.





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