Ha Pak Nai – mangroves, mud & sunset


I wasn’t too keen when Jeff said we were spending Sunday evening in a mudflat… However, I know the dude and he doesn’t make mistakes when it comes to sightseeing (well…not too often).


We went all the way to Yuen Long a.k.a far away to the side of Hong Kong we hardly ever go to.

The spot is called Ha Pak Nai and is quite popular with wanna be photographers (Jeff being one of them) because it has a nice sunset.

I was surprised at the number of people who turned up in inadequate clothing for mudflats (I even saw some guy in white trousers with white leather shoes – he was from mainland China)…

We enjoyed slipping around in the mud, taking photos and discovered many fish farms in the area. You know the ones where you pay to go fishing so you’re sure you’ll catch something?

Eventually we decided to go home, at the same time as everyone else judging by the queue for the mini bus.

We decided to walk up the road 10 minutes to the previous (and first) mini bus stop on the line.

Now I already had my doubts, I knew this was either a good or a bad idea, but we tried our luck.

After walking a while we saw people coming our way, they said they had walked a while but didn’t see any bus stop. We turned around and walked back. A few minutes later we saw a dozen of people walking in the opposite direction (so same direction we were originally going), that’s when we thought we had to stick with the first plan of going to the first stop.

After walking for 15/20 minutes, I saw the carcass of a squished snake on the road…then I saw a second… By that time it was dark and I just started to run (I ‘m pretty sure no snake would be daft enough to ambush 20 humans, but you know…).

We eventually got to the bus stop, which was conveniently located in a microscopic village and had 40 people already in line for the bus!

A mini bus has 16 seats; there were 38 people in line in front of us so we knew we would have to wait for the 3rd vehicle.

We waited 1hour30 for a minibus to turn up, but when they did 3 turned up at the same time. I’d never been so happy to see one of those reckless mini bus drivers in my life.



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