Tung Ping Chau – The flat Island


It had been a little while since we’d been on an adventure, plus Jeff was eager to try his new camera, so last weekend we set off for Tung Ping Chau.


Tung Ping Chau is the furthest point of Hong Kong… it’s actually much closer to Mainland China.

We set off quite early in the morning because getting there is a bit of a trek: there are only 2 ferries per day, one at 09:00am going out and one at 05:30pm coming back. The boat only runs on the weekends and the journey takes 1hour 40 minutes, so this gives you an idea of how remote and deserted the island is.


The island is famous for its rocks and glowing sea (at night) and is very popular with campers.

We just went for the day and hiked round the island to look at the scenery.

There are only a two or three small restaurants/tuck shops on the island and they are all close to the ferry pier. So we had to ensure we had everything we needed before we set off for the day (the island is only 1km2 but still).

We had sprayed ourselves generously with mosquito repellent, but as always I still got bitten.

After walking for 2 or 3 hours we had walked ¾ of the islands perimeter but took a short cut back to the pier and got some refreshments and a well deserved break. The waitress told us that only 2 people live on the island during the week and that the families all come back at the weekend to serve the tourists.

Since we still had 2 hours left before the ferry we walked what was left of the island.


The hike was quite exhausting because we walked on the rocks a lot and the hot/humid weather didn’t help (Mom don’t fret, I had sunscreen and all other necessary equipment).

The water was transparent, the sand white and the rocks impressive!

It was a really nice little adventure but Jeff said we missed one of the main spots, but getting there involved some rock walking right next to the sea with no other hikers around so we gave up on that (in case one of us got washed away).











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