Traditional Hong Kong Desserts: ToFu Fa

Introducing Daofu fa (Tofu Fa)!

It’s exactly what it says it is: tofu. But it’s very soft, silky and thin compared to the tofu you have in savoury meals.

It’s served sitting in sweet ginger syrup and with cane/brown sugar sprinkled over it.

You can have it hot or cold, whatever tickles your fancy.

This is one of my (many) favourite HK desserts.

The best one so far was served in Kowloon City (where the Walled City used to be) in an old traditional shop – my co-worker claims this shop has been going for more than 50 years.
The little shop may look shabby to foreigners, but that’s usually where all the best food is!
Name of the shop: 公和荳品廠 Kung Wo Dou Bun Chung




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