Kai Tak Cruise Pier

Hong Kong is competing with Singapore to become a regional cruise hub.
Until recently (2013) cruise ships docked in Victoria Harbor but Hong Kong has transformed its old airport into a cruise pier.

The Kai Tak airport was known to have an impressive and scary landing approach, taking the plane very close to mountains and skyscrapers and requiring pilots to disregard their instruments and only rely on their eyesight.

Kai Tak -and Kowloon City- are probably the two places in Hong Kong that really mesmerize me. They have a special history and atmosphere…

Back to the cruise pier.

So the old airport is now Kai Tak cruise pier. It’s been designed in a sleek shape and has a nice park on the top floor.

Since it’s right next to home, we went to take a look.

The park is quite nice but very artificial and has decent views. However, it was deserted. There’s not much more to say about the cruise pier.

The reason being that the pier has been built far from the city center in area with no metros, buses or even taxis. And for this reason not many ships have docked there since it opened.

Obviously they are working on developing the area but for now there isn’t much (at all) going on there.

I’m surprised the government didn’t request transport links to be ready for the opening of the pier because for now it’s running empty.

The square building in the last picture is the shopping center next to work/home where I go to the gym


3 thoughts on “Kai Tak Cruise Pier

  1. You can track planes in real time on your compo using the flightradar app (fun!) and there’s a similar app for ships – Hong Kong and Singapore are stackoed with ships! Apparently their lights at night are a sight to behold!

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