I’m gloomy-lazy

I’ve been lazy recently.
Haven’t explored much, haven’t exercised much and haven’t learnt much. I’ll say to myself “I’ll join the class next week”, “I’ll go visit that island next month”, “I’m not too comfortable on the plane, so I’ll postpone this trip”.

So instead I lounge around feeling a bit gloomy.

The main reason is my job. I’m not learning anything, I’m not using my skills, my brain is leaking through my ears and the staff turnover is humongous. Basically, I’m not enjoying it and seeing others get amazing jobs makes me (a tad) jealous.

The thing is, rolling around feeling sorry for myself won’t lead me anywhere and isn’t doing any good to my mental health.

And anyway work IS NOT life. I don’t live for the only purpose of work!

Now that I’ve moved all the way to Hong Kong, I really need to make the most of it. If I were to go back to the UK next month I wouldn’t have seen and done half the things I wanted to.

So yes the job is lame, but I need to take this as an opportunity to have great activities in my free time.

I really need to kick myself in the butt and get cracking (see what I did there?!) .


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