Kureha – Japanese Ramen Restaurant

We are on the lookout for tasty individual restaurants (= not chains) and it looks like we have found the equivalent to our beloved Queens Road in Leicester in an area called Tai Hang (remember the Fire Dragon Festival anyone?  )!


So we enjoyed the start of the weekend in a little traditional Japanese ramen shop (noodles) called Kureha.


The shop is tiny but looks quite traditional. It’s all wooden with an open view on the kitchen and the seats are all along a bar like table.

We love Japanese noodles so it was nice to find a non-chain restaurant. We also walked around the area properly and saw maaaaaaany other places we want to try

Like this the day family/friends come to see me I have so nifty places to take them!


6 thoughts on “Kureha – Japanese Ramen Restaurant

  1. A question from the US – On the top of that menu there are options for Gold, Fire, Wood, etc. Are those the options of how the noodles are cooked or prepared?
    Loved the wooden front with all the signs.

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