Social Phenomenon: Shy Hong Kongers

We were chatting away with my friends the other day and all agreed that it was easy to guess when Hong Kongers had lived abroad or not. Not trying to generalise here but often the Hong Kongers who haven’t lived abroad are very shy and more difficult to bond with. However, the ones who have lived/studied abroad are much more outgoing.


For example I have been going to the same dance class every week for 10 months now, only 2 people have come forward to talk to me: the instructor who studied in Canada and young girl who studies in Norwich.


I was wondering why Hong Kongers are naturally so shy and (part of) the answer is the educational system. Getting good grades so as to enter a good university is primordial here, so as soon as they enter kindergarten kids are in competition. If parents have enough money, the children will have tutoring classes after school, various hobbies and language lessons with the only aim of impressing the jury of good schools.

But people often forget: you don’t study to get good grades; you study to get a good job.


Jeff once had an interview but the recruitment consultant told him to not get his hopes up because the other candidate had studied at Oxford.

Turned out this prestigious candidate had no human skills, didn’t bond with the recruiter and also had poor spoken English.


The thing is, spending all these years studying and under pressure means that people often lack human skills. And having an impressive curriculum will land you the interview, but it will certainly not land you the job.


(I am not trying to generalise the situation, I’m just making an observation).






2 thoughts on “Social Phenomenon: Shy Hong Kongers

  1. I suppose there’re so much mental pressures and high expectations that they’re afraid of making any mistakes. Of course they don’t mke any mistake but they can’t communicate either.
    I have always told my student it’s better communicate with mistakes than doing nothing.

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