Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery – Sha Tin

We haven’t discovered new things in Hong Kong for a while. We’ve been here for nearly a year so the novelty has worn off and the very hot weather has made me extra lazy.

But this weekend we braved the heat and humid weather to visit the Ten Thousand Buddha monastery.

After reading about it on the internet it seemed to be very popular with tourists and quite difficult to get to: people where all saying that the 500 steps leading to the monastery were a killer.

So off we set at 2pm on a blazing Sunday afternoon (best idea everrrr).

Let me say that the place is not signposted until you get to the bottom of the famous 500 steps. That’s where Jeff comes in handy because locals are always happier to express themselves in Cantonese. This is how we go a valuable piece of advice: go up to the monastery via the back way, it’s much shorter.

Indeed it took us 10 minutes to get to the top (15min max) and only saw a small group of people on the way.

By then I was soaked in sweat (wearing a nylon lined top was not the best idea) but surprised at how fast it was to get there.


The place is nice, has great views and a lot of nice things to see.

One of the temples inside has more than 10 000 little Buddha’s inside. It seems people can acquire the status as they all have little name cards with the name of their owner.


We left via the main path this time which is indeed longer than the back way but not horrible.

What is interesting is that the path is lined on both sides with life-sized Buddha statues.


By the time we arrived at the town center at bottom of the hill I was in need of new clothes, a shower and an ice-cream. .. so we got an ice-cream and went shopping in a nearby shopping center.








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