Understanding Cantonese is useful

This afternoon (Friday) my boss gave me a project that my colleague can’t finish because he is too busy.

At 6:29pm, my colleague came to warn me that my boss would ask me to work tomorrow (Saturday) to catch up the delay.

At 6:45, when I was turning off my computer, I heared my boss and another senior talking in Cantonese saying : “does she know she must comme to work tomorrow? ”

So I turned around and said in Cantonese : “me? No I did not know.  Then I said in English “But it’s 6:45 PM Friday and you are asking me to come tomorrow,  I am sorry I have already made plans for my weekend ”

My boss’s face= priceless 😮😮😮😮

I don’t mind working over time, but unpaid Saturdays? With no notice? Come on!


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