Danxia Mountains – China

Monday was a bank holiday here so we booked a small group tour to visit some nice scenery in Southern China.
Precisely, we were in the Northern Part of Guangdong province, so approx. 400km away from Hong Kong (which is close in terms of Chinese distance).



To get there we took the High Speed Rail and then our coach was waiting for us.


On the first day we visited a very small part of the Danxia Mountains. It was very hot so sunscreen, hat and umbrella were necessary to shield my pale skin from the sun.

We took a small boat down the river to admire the scenery and then walked a little it to see the most famous rock in the area (due to its …errr… suspicious shape).

I saw on the internet that this region has “rainbow” coloured mountains but we didn’t have time to see those.


In the evening we had a quick look round the night market and went to bed due to exhaustion from the heat.


On the next say we had a painful 1 hour bus drive up the mountain.

Painful because the road was narrow and winding up a mountain with main sharp turns. Not the most comfy drive.

But it was worth it because at the top we visited a beautiful Buddhist temple, with real monks (not just for tourist purposes). There were quite a lot of young children amongst the monks, apparently it’s because their families are so poor they prefer to send them to the temple so that they can be fed and looked after.


We then visited a Canyon with waterfalls. Suddenly, to my big surprised, some dudes started cycling and walking on a rope in thin air. Obviously it was part of a show but it was amazing, especially when I noticed that the safety road didn’t look very safe at all.


We spend the night in a hot spring resort; it was relaxing and refreshing after 2 days baking in the sun.


We finished the weekend off with a massage and now it’s back to work – oh joy.














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