Brunch at Brick Lane

We used to have weekend brunch quite often in England, so today I took Jeff to a small restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui called “Brick Lane”.


It’s inspired by Britain, from the name, to the decoration and menu.

It s nice but is small so we had to wait outside until a table was free.


Jeffers obviously chose the full English and I went for eggs Benedict with Scottish smoked salmon.

The food was beautiful and tasty, best smoked salmon I’ve had in HK so far (I haven’t had many) and the poached eggs were perfect.

They add a slice of orange to their jug of water which is a nice touch. I would have liked a slice of toast to come along with the eggs Benedict, so that I could get all the runny egg from my plate (the English muffins were covered in egg so could not soak up what was left over).


It’s a tad pricey so we’ll probably keep this as an occasional treat.





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