Many people imagine Hong Kong as being a bustling city full of skyscrapers. This is true for some parts of the country, it is necessary to know that Hong Kong is not just that. At all.

There are many hillsides, sort of tropical forests and wilderness.

The type of climate and flora mean the wildlife in Hong Kong is pretty impressive: boars, porcupines, snakes and many others.

There are many types of snakes in Hong Kong: bamboo snakes, king cobras, Burmese pythons… And you regularly get news updates (Apple Daily, in Chinese only – let’s not scare the expats) on people in the country side finding a King Cobra in the bathtub or a python coiled around a rail right in the business district.


However, there is one particular area which is quite problematic: Pak Tam Chung family walk, in Sai Kung.

Since 2006, many pet dogs have been attacked by a large (5 meter) Burmese python.

In many cases the owners were brave and managed to free their pet (using a pocket knife, dragging the snake by the tail…) but last weekend yet another attack occurred and the dog died (and was eaten).

This is troublesome because:

It’s the second attack in two weeks.
This is at least the 5th reported attack (on that same path) in 8 years.
It happens on a family walk, where people go with children.

Pythons are a protected species here, but I don’t understand why they didn’t capture this particular one and released it far a way.


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