Korean BBQ – 70 80

This weekend we tried a Korean BBQ restaurant in Mong Kok.
We LOVE Korean food, but it is hard to find decent restaurants.


70 80 Korean BBQ really surprised us: it’s new, clean, the staff is great (and mostly Korean) and the food is amazing. It really was like the BBQ we had when we were in Korea a few years ago.


We ordered boiled Mandu dumplings and the pork set, which came with 400g of raw pork (to be grilled) banchan (Korean condiments – free refill), lettuce leaves (to wrap the meat in – free refills) and sauces.

The waiters grilled and cut the meat for us to ensure it was done in the proper way.

Bonus: the stools have integrated handbag storage!


It’s quite noisy, there is nearly always a waiter at your table grilling your meat, you will smell of smoke and taste of garlic, so it’s not the best place for a quiet dinner, but it’s AWSOME for friendly gathering and tasty meat!



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