When it rains it pours

Looks like we have just entered the best season of the year: torrential rain, mosquito and flying cockroach season! Yay!


Usually rain is refreshing; here in just means you’ll be soaked. It’s still 30ºC which makes us sticky from sweat and wet from rain.

On a positive side, the rain improves the quality of the air (a little).


Rain here is not joke, not only it proper pours down, but we regularly get thunderstorm and rainstorm alerts (ranging from amber, red to black). Thunderstorms can go on for hours and last week more than 3000 lightning strikes were recorded in one night.


I got caught once in a downpour – on my way to work of course, otherwise it’s not fun – and I was soaked.

When I say soaked, I mean shoes like miniature swimming pools soaked. Luckily I had my gym bag with me and changed once I got to work.

But once was enough, I bought rain boots the next day.


Wellies in Hong Kong come in all sorts of styles and colours, from the wet market worker wellies to the fashionista wellies.

I got a pair in an in-between style and I am so glad I got them – best buy of the year!!


I hope the bad weather stops soon because we have been stuck in doors three weeks in a row (that explains the lack of updates on this blog). According to the HK Observatory, it’s unlikely because they have forecasted rain all next week.



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