Cantonese proverbs

I came across a picture that depicts Cantonese proverbs in one picture.
This image was designed to promote the Cantonese language and I found it pretty funny! the drawings are quite cute.
Here is the link to the full post, but below are a few of my favourites.







牛唔飲水唔撳得牛頭低 [ngàuh m4 yám séui m4 gahm dāk ngàuh tàuh dāi]
(If a cow doesn’t want to drink, you can’t force its head down)

If someone is unwilling to do something, it is not possible to force them; you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.






馬死落地行 [máh séi lohk deih hàahng]
(when one’s horse dies, one has to walk)

To rely on oneself, to have to get oneself through a difficulty without help.






濕水炮仗 [sāp séui paau jéung]
(A damp firecracker)
1. Useless
2. Someone with a calm temperament, who doesn’t lose their temper






死雞撐飯蓋 [séi gāi chaang faahn goi]
(Using a dead chicken to push back the cooking-pot lid)
To fight to the bitter end, to refuse to admit one is in the wrong










騎牛搵馬 [kèh ngáuh wán máh]
(To ride an ox looking for a horse)
To be working one job but looking out for a better one








鬼拍後尾枕 [gwái paak hauh méih jám]
(A ghost slaps the back of one’s head)
To let out a secret unknowingly



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