Could it be Spring?

Finally the sunshine is back (but not for long)!!
So we decided to enjoy the sun this weekend. Since it was too chilly for the beach we decided to go for a few walks.

It felt good to go out and do something!

The first one was in Sai Kung and is actually part of the sai kung peninsula hike.

This hike last approx. 7hours and the points of interest are quite far down the trail.

We didn’t know this, so after 2 hours of walking in not so interesting surroundings we decided to catch a taxi back.

None of the taxis wanted to take us since they were all headed much further (and would therefore make more money out of the other hikers). Luckily, after a while one taxi stopped and drove us back.

It looks like the Sai Kung peninsula hike is really beautiful, but I can’t face 7hours of walking.



The next day we walked up Mount Davis, on top of which is a ruined military base.

The walk itself is not so interesting, but has a nice see view.

When we got to the top there were surprisingly quite a few people, including model photo shooting, police on shooting training and families with kids.

What I didn’t know, is that Mount Davis is supposed to be the most haunted place in HK and hardly any Hong Kongers dare go there.


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