I’m not dead! I know I haven’t posted much but it’s because we haven’t done anything special recently.


It’s winter, I don’t like it, so I hibernate, kind of….

We’ve both got a bit of a cold. But with the weather being a pain and going from 19º ultra sunny to 8ºC pouring with rain in 24 hours, it’s kinda normal.


Yesterday was the annual dinner at work, and I won the first prize at the lottery: iPad mini. So quite chuffed about that (although it looks like Jeff is gonna use it more than me since I’m really not a fan of Apple).


Looks like we may postpone the trip to Europe as well. Not only are the tickets bloody expensive (and in fact out of our budget), but no matter which card I tried, the payment wouldn’t go through (nearly threw the laptop out the windows a couple of times). My dad’s also being transferred to a new city just before our planned trip, so all in all its probs not the best time.

If we don’t go to Europe we will shorten our holidays and get a cheap package to somewhere nearby, because we still need a break from work!




3 thoughts on “Hibernating

  1. I hate winter too! But in America spring is starting to show some signs of life. Trees budding, birds returning and daylight increasing slowly. All gives me the power to hang on – my hibernation will soon be over 🙂

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